2/18/2017   M2 Studios
3/18/2017   Character FX 101
 4/22/2017   Rooster Teeth
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Dallas Film Commission

PDF's on Incentives, Tax Exemptions, State Laws and other useful information
Freelancers.com Legal Advice Employee vs Contractor
AllFreelancework.com TONS of valuable info - more specific about web and graphics.
Freelancer tips from EntertainmentCareers.com Tons of Tips for your business.
Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts A Texas based Non-Profit specializing in Arts related fields.
IRS Forms and Documents We all hate them - but we all have to file them.
Roeder and Moon Insurance
Call Jeff Evans
Pricing Guide

A small guide to determining how to price for freelance work

Copyright & Multimedia Productions by Gary Becker http://www.fetc.org/fetcon/2000-February/copyright.html (thanks to Matt Price)

Aquent http://www.aquent.com
Art Squad http://www.theartsquad.com
Creative Circle http://www.creativecircle.com/index.html
The Creative Group http://www.theCreativeGroup.com
CG Agency
cg jobs http://jobs.cgsociety.org/