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Reel FX produces Open Season 2 - On Sale Jan 27th



Open Season 2 on sale Jan 27, 2009

Finally, one of nature’s biggest mysteries will be answered… what does a bear do in the woods? Set one year after the events of the first movie, Boog and Elliot are back. After Elliot falls head over hooves with Giselle, Elliot's road to the altar takes a slight detour when Mr. Weenie is kidnapped by a group of pampered pets determined to return him to his owners. Boog, Elliot, McSquizzy, Buddy and the rest of the woodland creatures launch a full scale rescue mission for their sausage shaped friend and soon find themselves in enemy camp (the world of the pets), led by a poodle named Fifi. The pets do not plan to let Mr. Weenie go without a fight.This hilarious film is fun for the whole family. Congratulations to ReelFX on their DVD release of Open Season 2: Pets vs. Wilds.


Reel FX Open Season 2 Premiere


Reel FX released Open Season 2: Pets vs. Wilds on January 27, 2009. The film released into theaters in Europe and Asia, and DVD in the United States. To celebrate the film’s debut, Reel FX hosted a private screening at the Studio Movie Grill in Dallas (75 and Royal), and was kind enough to invite the ABOSG executive committee.


The studio entered initial discussions for the project just over a year ago, and managed to complete 72 minutes of animation in less than a year of production. The producers of the film playfully refer to the movie as their labor of love, filled with long nights, hard hours, and intense work. They’d like to thank the families of all of the Reel FX employees for allowing all of them the to do what they love to do and pursue their dreams, even though it meant time away from home to be in front of a computer.


The Reel FX Dallas studio grew because of this project, developing both new staff positions and new technology. Eleven modelers worked on the film, completing a total of fifty five characters. For the characters, they developed a whole new set of blend shapes. Twelve riggers, both in house and remote, contributed to the film by developing  an all new advanced module rigging system to control the characters. They also advanced their skinning techniques in effort to push the studio's level of work quality above and beyond what it used to be. An amazing seventy animators redefined  the industry's standard of quality verses quota, and no other studio in Dallas has yet dared to complete this level of quality in such a short amount of time. They tirelessly worked to improved their GUIs and walk cycles, while thirteen texture artists advanced the complexity level of animal fur. The artists also developed matte paintings, and twenty lighters introduced a new render layer configuration to the Reel FX pipeline. A new effects team advanced their water effects and managed to successfully match the forest to the original film. Finally,  the technical directors kept the project on course by writing the programs and solving the problems. They are the key to any project’s success, allowing artists to be artists. Reel Fx would like to thank the senior level management for their continued support. Without them, this film would not be all that it is.


Because of the film, Reel FX generated new jobs into the hired thirty people to staff from every level of apprentice, junior, and senior level artists. As new people joined, junior level artists were promoted to leads, and senior level artists were promoted to managers, allowing the company to grow the next level of leadership for the studio. Congraduations Reel FX for your success with Open Season 2: Pets vs. Wilds.

Article written by: Amy Cass


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